This notice contains the legal information that regulates the use of electromiñ and electromiñ website, promoted by Luminosas, S. L. from Spain, hereinafter Electromiño. The access to its contents is completely free for their users. Reciprocally, the users must be willing to accept and respect all the points contained in this Legal Notice, which is not exempt from future changes in some of its points according to the needs that Electromiño would require.


The Electromiño web page does not collect personal details, such as the e-mail address. Also, necessary information could be required for order processing, delivering or invoicing.

Access and use conditions

The access to the web page is free for users, without being needed any type of previous subscription or registration, for the moment. Electromiño reserves the right to make changes without prior warning.

Intellectual property

Electromiño is the holder of intellectual property rights referring to the web pages, their content, both texts images and videos what this web site consists of, as well as its logo. Any licence or authorization about the intellectual property or other kind of rights is not granted with regard to this web site. The user accepts unauthorized copy, reproduction, commercial distribution or transformation of this web site content shall be considered as an infraction of the intellectual property rights from Electromiño, represented by the creator and author of contents or topics, and is committed to respecting these rights.

Users’ obligations regarding to the content

The user of Electromiño understands and accepts copying, reproducing or distributing the contents of this web site totally or partially is not permitted nor modifying the illustrations, pictures or animations. At the same time, the user understands and accepts he/she cannot suppress, manipulate or alter any of the parts which appear in the illustrations, pictures or animations, showing they are protected by the copyright.

Responsibilities by the use of the web

The users registered or not in Electromiño web site assume the legal consequences derived from a misuse of this web e. g. a total or partial copy or reproduction of texts, illustrations, pictures, animations, etc. included in the content and which are protected by the copyright.

Privacy of contact data

Electromiño does not store neither automated personal data files nor any other type from the web users. If this policy changes in the future to introduce a better service for the users, the terms agreed in 15/1999 Organic Law from 13th December will be respected. Until that moment, Electromiño neither will keep any personal information from the users, nor the e-mails these send. The same way, any communication or reply necessary to be sent to the user on the part of Electromiño will be done with his/her express or implicit authorization in the message in question.

Opinions, suggestions or questions

Any opinion, suggestion or question which anybody wants to send related to this web site or its content should be made by telephone during the business hours set for Spanish territory. Phone: +34 986 60 21 14

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